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Watercolor; pen and ink; and digital designs are our forte. Below are examples of our work. We strive to design in every style possible, so please let us know if you're looking for specific samples. Do you love the designs here? Templates of these are available! Click the photos in each gallery. We'll simply change the names and info so you'll immediately be able to take to print. 

Apollo and Daphne.png

Apollo & Daphne

Based on the iconic work from Bernini, this set is derived from our love of Italy in the form of watercolor. Set against a cream background, the contrasting oranges and blues make this piece pop. 


An ode to one of our favorite families, Astral combines a certain sitcom-turned-movie's art style into a fully developed aesthetic. Templates of these can be printed plain or with gold foil as requested.

Chalk Duster.png


Keeping to our country roots, this quaint piece is the perfect match to amplify rolling hills and the old country-side chapels with stain glass. Reception signage is available as a quick-buy below. 

Abstract Lilac

The symbol for everlasting is always a curved structure to form a loop. Abstract Lilac reinforces that bond by focusing on a circular design. Templates can be made for die cuts or with a rectangular background.

Abstract Lilac.png
Della Terra.png

Della Terra

Set against the backdrop of Colorado, we've purposefully crafted this design to conserve the essence of a beautiful mountain sunrise. Templates can be made as a die cut or full rectangle.