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Abigail Fowler

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Owner, Abigail Fowler, formed this company with a dream of starting a design firm to allow creative minds to work together in a collaborative, non-competitive atmosphere to craft unique pieces that benefit each client as much as it advances the designer’s skill.

Our goal is to make everyone shine. Especially you.

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We’ve launched this site in 2022 after tiptoeing in the wedding industry since 2014. Working in NYC’s floral industry as well as the menswear sector, Abigail’s knowledge of what is needed for a wedding far outweighs that of an average design firm. As we write this, she is currently studying at Harvard’s Extension School for a master’s in museum studies with an emphasis in classical art styles. Incorporating this pool of knowledge into advancing the teams skill is a priority here to give each couple or throuple the best pieces to celebrate their love.

Now that we’ve introduced ourselves, it’s time we learn more about you! Contact us so we can set up time to chat and hear your story. 

Let us introduce ourselves. 

Schedule a quick chat with us to answer questions or get to know our company more. We're excited to craft the perfect pieces for you. The best way to start is to get to know you more. So let's chat!

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